Why Outdoor Therapies Should Have Better Representation by a Professional Association

Why Outdoor Therapies Should Have Better Representation by a Professional Association: A Student’s Perspective

2017 — The Journey Begins

A photo I took during one of my journeys out into nature back in 2017.

My Experience as a Catalyst for My Career Ambitions

My Approach to Research

My Hypothesis

Testing My Hypothesis — The Benefits Of Physical Activity in an Outdoor Environment

The benefits of nature experience: Improved affect and cognition

Attention Restoration Theory (ART)

The Impact of Outdoor Environments on Serotonin Levels

Sunshine, Serotonin, and Skin: A Partial Explanation for Seasonal Patterns in Psychopathology?

The Impact of Physical Activity on Chemical Activity

What We’ve Learned So Far

Support for Walk and Talk Therapy

Case Study Four: Walk and Talk, Right Here Sheffield/Counselling on the Move

Testing My Hypothesis — The Challenges of Outdoor Therapy

Experiences of therapists who integrate walk and talk into their professional practice (Revisited)

Qualifications, Guidelines and Best Practice

Research-Informed Best Practice Guidelines

Taking a Different Path — Conducting Interviews



What We Talked About

Encountering Others

Health and Safety Hazards

Limits of Confidentiality

Other Challenges

Client Competitiveness


Timing Issues

Things I Wish We’d Discussed More

New and/or Vulnerable Clients

The Impact of Walk and Talk Therapy on the Quality of Therapy

Putting it All Together

Lack of Awareness

Freud was known to walk and talk with his clients, meaning this approach to therapy has been around for..well, a while.


Lack of Proper Training and Safeguarding

In Conclusion



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